Safety Rules

7D Cinemas Safety Rules

• Minimum height: 120 cm
• Maximum weight: 150 kg
• Cinema seating capacity: 9 persons

The facility is unsuitable for:

• Persons in post-op conditions
• Persons with high blood pressure and cardio-vascular disorders
• Pregnant women
• Persons suffering from back aches
• Persons suffering from epilepsy , migraine or motion sickness
• Persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants

Tickets can be purchased at the reception desk. In case of audience comprising over 6 persons, and bookings of performances available too.

Customers are obliged to fasten seat belts and customers are not allowed to stand up during the performance
Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult person.

By purchasing a ticket to the 7D CINEMA the clients acknowledge the operator’s general terms and use the facility at their own risk. The operator takes no responsibility for accidents, medical injuries or damage caused by misuse of the facility, including violation of safety regulations.

Clients are obliged to hand back the glasses after the performance. Clients are obliged to observe the instructions issued by staff members.

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