‘Below the most frequently asked questions of our Visitors. Your enquiry might already be answered in the questions below. If not, feel free to send us an online Enquiry via ‘Contact us’ or give us a call on: 07 5538 8308’;

What are the Opening Hours of 7D Cinema?
7D Cinema is opened 7 days a week (Monday – Sunday) from 10am until 23pm. Weekends (Friday – Sunday) we are opened until late.
What are the Session Times for the different movies?
We don’t have fixed Session Times. You can come in any time, any day and pick what Movie you want to see. The first available opening, we will play that Movie for you.
Do we have to make a reservation to watch a movie at 7D Cinema?
No, you do not need to make a reservation. You can come in any day any time. Just keep in mind that it is usually busier at Night and in the Weekends. You might have to wait a little longer.
How long do we have to wait to see a Movie at 7D Cinema when another movie is already playing?
Our estimated waiting time is on average no longer than 10 minutes.
How many movies can we see at 7D Cinema?
We own the licenses of 10 specialized 7D Cinema Movies.
When will new movies be launched?
Every couple of months, new movies will be launched. You can sign up for our Newsletter, click here, to be the first to know when we launch a new movie. We will also post on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) and our website when a new movie is launched – Stay Tuned!
How long is a 7D Cinema Movie?
Our Movies are short ride experiences of 7-9minutes.
Is 7D Cinema similar to the 4D movie at Movieworld?
No, it is very different. First, you don’t have to stand in line such a long time. Secondly, our 7D Cinema Movies have more movements (our Simulator moves up to 1-4meters, your adrenaline goes up a lot more!) and Special Effects. Last but not least, our Movies are longer (almost double as long) than the 4D Experiences.  Testmonials from various of our visitors have proven that they like the 7D Experiences better.
With how many people can I come?
Unlimited! However, every Movie Session we can fit up to 9 people at the same time in our Enhanced Simulator. It is a short ride movie, so you usually don’t have to wait very long.
What are the prices?

$15,-      Normal Admission

$13,-      Student/Kids Consession

$12,50   Family Price (4+ people)

Can we park close to 7D Cinema?
Yes you can! Just across the street you get 2hours FREE parking at Bruce Bishop Car Park. http://au.parkopedia.com/parking/carpark/bruce_bishop_car_park/4217/surfers_paradise/
Are there any Safety Rules?
Yes, there are. Please have a look at: /safety-rules/
Do you offer Corporate Incentives/Group Incentives?
Yes, we do. Please contact our Sales & Marketing Manager (marlie@7dcinema.com.au or 0451 022 544) to find out more about what we can organize for your business.
Does 7D Cinema offer Franchise opportunities?
Yes, we will be opening various 7D Cinema’s across Australia and New Zealand within the coming 24 months.  Please contact our Sales & Marketing Manager (marlie@7dcinema.com.au or 0451 022 544) to find out how you can join the most valuable Franchise Concept as awarded in 2011. We also help Franchisers overseas.
We are interested in cooperating with 7D Cinema, who should we contact?
Send an email with your proposal to: info@7dcinema.com.au We will respond to within 7 days.
Does 7D Cinema offer Advertisiment options in your movies?
Please contact our Sales & Marketing Manager (marlie@7dcinema.com.au or 0451 022 544)